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Singing lessons

& performance coaching

Ukulele, guitar & bass tuition

for beginners also available

Do you like to sing?

Have you ever wanted to sing in front of your friends or even with them on stage? Or maybe you're already a singer (or professional speaker) who would simply like to improve?

Sing better today!

Helping you to get the very best out of your voice by focusing on:

  • pitch

  • tone

  • range

  • power

  • vibrato

  • sustain

… and so much more

female vocalist, singing
Sing with confidence!

With a fully equipped music room, vocal coach Rob Perry blends proven vocal training techniques, tailored to your needs, with the fun of singing to specially prepared backing tracks to help train your voice for optimum performance, or simply help you rehearse your favourite songs in time for the next gig or party!

group singing
Sing with friends!

Maybe you would like to sing a duet with your partner? Learn a surprise song for your wedding and wow your guests! Or do something special with your mates at the next karaoke or open mic night!

Up to 4 people catered for at the same time. Contact Rob at Sing Better Today for a 'no obligation' quote.

“THOSE who wish to SING, ALWAYS  find a SONG” - Swedish proverb

Don't just sing it, perform it!

Take your singing to the next level with performance tips and training on:

  • overcoming stage fright

  • stage presence

  • engaging your audience

  • microphone techniques

  • and more

stage performance, singing
Now play it! 

Tuition available for beginners on:

Ask about combined lessons

playing guitar


"Had a great vocal session with Rob Perry this morning, he’s the best vocal coach around, so to all my singing friends out there, if you’re looking to reach the next level, get in contact with Rob

Really professional, super fun and interactive! I've been with him for 2 months now and I’ve managed to cover 4 octaves which is an incredible achievement"  John, Cheltenham

"I’ve always wanted to sing but never thought I could so it was with some trepidation that I booked lessons with Sing Better Today. Vocal coach, Rob, is so friendly and immediately made me feel at ease as he set about the mammoth task of teaching me to sing. He explains everything so clearly and concisely, gives lots of encouragement and has infinite patience. Not only am I learning to sing but my speech is also improving. Rob has quite literally introduced me to “my voice”! Thank you Rob. Highly recommended!"

Sharon H, Wotten-Under-Edge

“I think you do such a great job at encouraging students and getting them to actually want to learn/practice. You are the best music teacher we have ever had”  Teresa, Evesham

“I currently have solo lessons..which are great, I've been taught things I never realised by you Rob.”  Gene, Cheltenham

Robert Perry has regenerated my music. Thanks Rob. Martin H, Glos

"After my husband had just a few sessions with Rob, I find I no longer need to leave the room when he sings "  S... Cheltenham

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